Why this itinerary?

When I started thinking about this project, it was essential for me to give it a shape and meaning consistent with the cause I wanted to support: Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders.

I am a humanitarian worker who has worked in many countries, with people with many different profiles and backgrounds coming from various countries and cultures, and I am inevitably affected by recent events: migrants’ crisis, conflicts, epidemics, decline in access to healthcare…

As a medical and humanitarian organisation, MSF does not take a position on the legitimate responsibility of States to control their borders and determine migration policies. On the other hand, when people flee or face immediate danger, when their physical and mental integrity is threatened or harmed, MSF strongly defends, on behalf of humanity and medical ethics, the right of people to be treated with dignity, to receive care and to be removed from danger in order to find refuge, including crossing borders when there is no other solution.

So my route will follow the borders between Switzerland, France and Italy starting from the Mont Rose massif, passing through the Valais, then the Mont Blanc massif, the Grand Paradis to the Ecrins massif.

The route map is available here, the stages here and the list of summits >4000m here.


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