The project

When I told my family, friends and colleagues that I wanted to take a break in my professional career, they all thought I would travel and go on a backpack trip all around the world, far away!

Well, obviously everyone understood that I wouldn’t stay seated! But nobody really thought that I wouldn’t want to go far, but to stay here! Stay here, walk in the Alps, wander along these mountains where I finally feel at home!

The scenery was set: during my professional break, I will climb mountains!

But I felt that something was missing in this setting, something original and human, something to climb these mountains « in my own way »!

Being able to bring together passions and convictions, feeling a little useful in one way or another, isn’t that what we’re all looking for at the end? A little bit, right?

So, after a few days of reflection, it was decided, I will climb mountains to support a cause close to my heart: humanitarian aid!

Lots of people run marathons to support associations, so why not transpose this idea to mountaineering!


Once these bases had been set, I had to think about the common theme of the itinerary, identify the summits, the routes, the pathways so that everything would fit together, be feasible in 3 or 4 months and above all that everything would be feasible given my technical level and my physical fitness.

There began a long period of research on internet (I can’t tell you how many hours I spent on Camptocamp, Swisstopo, Géoportail, Google image…), of discussions with experienced guides/aspi/alpinists friends, of seeking information, of reading articles on other experiences…
Then, ultimately, since I had chosen to support Médecins Sans Frontières, the framework became obvious: crossing the Alps along the borders.

For several weeks, I oscillated between 2 feelings (among others): « no way, I’ll never make it » and « it’s going to be crazy, I can’t wait »!

Surprisingly in the mountains, I found the same feelings as when I was working for MSF:

  • The fear of not being up to the job without ever, in the end, taking our eyes off the target
  • The wonder at the beauty of our world and the courage of the people we met
  • The difficulty of dealing with the unexpected, with life’s hazards and disappointments
  • The communicative enthusiasm of the people who gravitate in those environments
  • Sharing and helping each other, because you always have something to learn from someone
  • The wealth of lived experiences that I wouldn’t exchange for anything in the world

I still oscillate between these two feelings but I am motivated, confident, well surrounded and happy to have been able to organise such a project to live my passion and continue to support MSF in a new way. Opportunities like this don’t come up every year (unfortunately), so I took this great opportunity and I’m counting on you to support MSF, give a little something and encourage me over the next few months!

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