About MSF


In May 1967, the province of Biafra, Nigeria, declared its independence. A war is declared in the country.

The population is suffering and two million people are starving. A revolting and shocking situation for the doctors and journalists present on the ground who are asked to close their eyes.

So they ask themselves: how can we not reveal anything about the atrocities we are witnessing?

These doctors and journalists will then warn the press to reveal those atrocities to the public. From this indignation MSF was created in 1971.

MSF’s mission has not changed!

Today, MSF is an international organisation, with hundreds of projects in more than 60 countries and its original mission has not changed. The teams do everything possible to treat the victims of wars, disasters and epidemics. MSF remains outraged when people cannot receive the medical care they need, and still believes it is possible to raise public indignation.

To carry out its mission, MSF takes care to be totally independent of all political, economic, military or religious rules. 95% of its funding comes from individuals, so MSF can decide what assistance to provide. MSF is neutral and has only one interest in mind: the patients.

Source: MSF OCB


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